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Strawberry Salad

Fresh strawberries are SO divine during the summer and our local farmers market has such splendid offerings.  Most of the best recipes I have made are quite simple in ingredients but are quite yummy. Recipe inspired by: Oh She Glows Ingredients: Dressing (yield 2/3 cup) 1 cup fresh strawberries 1/4 cup packed fresh basil (or

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Soccer Season and sports nutrition

Both our girls have enjoyed playing rec soccer over the years and our season recently came to an end, well sort of.  Each year my husband trades off coaching or assistant coaching the girls and this year it was for Sierra.  I think he learned a great deal interacting with twelve preteen girls or may


This is a page of books, documentaries and websites that I refer to often and find to be informative.  Our years of research and our journey has been helped by many of these resources.  I make many of my recipes from these resources that my family continues to enjoy. As I continue to update this

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Kyla’s Cucumber Snack

Cooling and energizing is what this dish is about.  Miss Kyla is the sweetest girl and served this dish to me one day when I was at her house and I just had to know what she served me. It is the most simple snack or side dish to any meal. Serves ~ 1 –