Monthly Archives: February 2015

Why not carrots & apples

Today I am volunteering at the school for a fundraiser and it is a blast!  These kids are hilarious and so awesome cheering on their classmates and so into the event.  I am having a hard time feeling negative about something that is so positive for these kids, but it isn’t so much what the

Just the beginning

The driving force behind starting this website… family & life. There is so much I want to cover and share, I just need to start typing and see where it goes.  Please enjoy my random posts, recipes and information and I hope you find yourself learning, laughing and taking a new outlook on life. When

Oil-Free Double Chocolate Cookies

In my quest to limit oil from the meals I make for my family, I came across this recipe, courtesy of The Glowing Fridge and what a better way to test out this change than with a treat!  The girls were playing at a friends house so I whipped these up so quickly and they

Breakfast Power Bowl

Oatmeal is another breakfast staple in our home and sometimes it just needs to be taken up a notch.  I change it up from time to time, but this bowl of goodness hits the spot every time. Start your day off right with a nutrient filled bowl of fiber and omega-3’s.  The maca balances your

Heavenly French Toast

We do pancakes once in a while as I try out new pancake recipes but french toast typically is not made in our kitchen.  My kids occasionally have it when we are at a hotel, which is the farthest thing from a whole food meal but not the worst and it is a great meal