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Apple Pie Breakfast

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This morning we tried another new oatmeal recipe and even though they still pick the Zucchini Bread Oatmeal as their favorite, this one is ranked 2nd. Today we had a bit of a slow start, not too many issues, just a laxly-daisy in getting ready.  Mornings like this one require me to bug a bit

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Best Thing Ever Bars

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Dark chocolate is my weakness, well more like my vice.  The most simplest of treats are the most satisfying.  Usually it is melted dark chocolate smothered over cashews and sprinkled with sea salt then chilled.  But when the kids are asking for a treat too, we get a little more adventurous.  Today we made something

Zucchini Oatmeal Breakfast

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Sometimes I throw something new into our menu plan when it is not Wednesday.  When I find something to try, it can be hard to wait that long.  This morning I woke up rested and ready to start the day after a long Sunday.  Oatmeal tends to be a staple in our house and finding

Be someone who laughs everyday

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Today the sun is a shining!  A glorious 75F and I am behind in my posts… but it is such a beautiful day to be outside so that is where I will be! Just me and the weeds :) until I head out for after school pick up. So today will be a simple, yet

Sweet Potato & Chickpea Salad

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Each week, Wednesday’s are “something new” on the menu. I try to find ingredients that I can use from what is in the fridge or pantry. I also try to stick to ingredients that I know the family will eat but sometimes I don’t and I go completely out of the box (and I don’t

Mikes Mango Madness

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Warm summer weather has hit us already and with the time change, the evenings are UH-mazing!! We spent the end of the day with some wonderful friends over the weekend at  BarrelHouse Brewing (a local brewery) enjoying the relaxing kid friendly venue. All three of us couples have girls, so you can imagine how entertaining 6

Kids, lace ’em up!

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Now that soccer season has come to an end, the girls are wanting to fill in the gaps of the workouts that they consistently had during the week.  One day a week the girls play indoor soccer and volleyball will start soon, but that is one day a week as well.  The girls and I