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YAY, it is here!

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Out of this world brilliant! It is PLANTastic!! We just received our book we pre-ordered (out on the shelves April 28th) of The Plantpower Way by Rich Roll and Julie Piatt and I am in AWE of how well this book is put together. Just at first glance through the pages, I am SO EXCITED

Thai Pizza

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Most of my recipes are found from various books and people I follow and educate myself from and some are modified versions of recipes that I am eager to try. I am still in the rookie phase of magically taking food and create something, but it’s getting there little by little. The goal is progress

Just wingin’ it

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  Sometimes there is no plan for meals during the day, actually most of the time. Certain days my husband is working from home and I will whip something up for the two of us to enjoy. When it is just me, I find myself losing track of time and scrambling right before I do

Follow up to Overnight Oats

Earlier in the week my husband and I tried overnight oats for breakfast and to my surprise, they were quite delish and satisfying. It was the kids turn to try them next. I made the recipe I posted earlier and another one with berries (see below). And here is the result of their taste testing

Easy Raw Brownies

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A few days a week I pick up my friends kiddos after school and one of them comes home with us regularly and every so often a couple more will join us so they don’t have to be home by themselves until their parents get off work. Anyway, I like to test out treats or

Sierra & Ava’s Bowl of Awesomeness

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Today Sierra decided to make lunch for her and Ava. Now this is a rare occurrence, so I pumped her up with positive kudos for being such a great big sister and making something so delish. She insisted that this goes up on the blog and be shared, I was more than happy to do


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This is the start of my weekly Live Laugh Learn posts. I am finding quotes that really strike my fancy and I would love to share them, what I take from them and learn how they speak to you… Sometimes we are too busy to know that we are surrounded by such greatness, beauty and

Peanut Butter Banana Chip Granola Bars

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In search of a new snack to add to the mix of school lunches, sports activity and any day, I found a super easy minimal ingredient granola bar that I had to try on one of my favorite sites for recipes, Running on Veggies.  I came across Running on Veggies back in January and so