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Creamy Sriracha Sauce

In the past I wasn’t really much of a sauce topping eater, I was pretty plain Jane with my food, other than some pepper, cayenne or other spices with some squeezed lemon juice, nothing fancy. Now, oh I have discovered some amazing sauces that have changed some of my meals, especially when I make veggie and bean bowls. Some of these sauces just knock my socks off they are so amazeballs!  I thought the Mexican Tahini Sauce was the sauce of all sauces for my bowls (it still is my top favorite) but the adorably creative Sophia at Veggies Don’t Bite has brought a sauce to the table that is a hole other dimension of spicy!  Sriracha lovers or anyone who likes a kick added to their meal, this is a must for you!! This sauce is simple, creamy, easy, quick and the smell of the savory sauce will make your mouth water. Try it on pasta, sandwiches or wraps and tacos. Be adventurous and share your favs!

I have never consumed sour cream or mayonnaise, but this sauce is what I would think would be a spicy sour cream or mayo topping.

Recipe Inspired by: Veggies Don’t Bite – click here for the recipe

I recommend using the vegetable broth as it adds to the flavor, I used water to test and it just isn’t the same. Also use the 2 tablespoons of sriracha or go big and add a little more!


Lunch Box Granola Bars

Obviously these are not just for lunch boxes, but the kids had requested they would like a granola bar for their lunches. Who am I do deny them that ??? ;)  And who doesn’t like a good granola bar?!  I know there are so many options out there in the stores that if you really look at what is inside that box, you may want to refrain from taking them off the shelf.  I have spent some time researching various ingredient blending and have done some fun testing with the kids and came up with something that not only my family, but our friends and their families devoured the sample batch I made.  These have a slight crispy crunch to them yet a soft chewy bite and a sweet flavor without the corn syrup, sugar, salt, soybean oil, oil, protein not from the natural source, artificial colors and flavors and all the other stuff you find in granola bars. This is a great snack or treat and can be made gluten free and nut free. It is quick, easy and delicious! Oh, and they do not need an oven, just your refrigerator.

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Alternatives To Rewarding With Candy

As I sat a few weeks ago waiting for my kids to get their hair cuts, I was enthralled with a scene going on with another child getting ready to get their hair cut.  The parent was trying to work with the child to get up in the chair, the child wasn’t budging. I could see that the parent was not only trying to maintain her composure but also working quickly to come up with an incentive. I heard the parent say “if you can help the nice lady out and get up in that chair, I will give you 20 extra minutes of electronics”. In my mind, I thought, wow! totally impressed with the non use of treats/food/toys and calmness! The child proceeds to get on to the chair. Then the hairdresser leans over to the child and says, “I will give you a lollipop if you can sit still in the chair”. I think I had the same look on my face as the parent did. Now, as a parent, I sat there and thought to myself, there was no need for her to offer a lollipop, the parent solved the situation, so why did she feel she had to interfere. Reflecting on this made me realize that we are all guilty of it, rewarding children with treats/food/toys is prevalent and it is done by parents, teachers, parent groups, administrators, coaches, grandparents and even hair dressers, doctors, banks and the like, and no one really seems to question it. Schools do it! It is a challenge in which I work to improve at the children’s school, yet disappointingly find it not changing. Why is it encouraged to reward children for everything they do or with candy/treats/food that threaten children’s health and diets and reinforces poor eating habits and choices. When did receiving social rewards not be good enough?

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Monday Mantra – Love Yourself


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Baked Pumpkin Rounds

The other night I had decided to create a brownie using avocado, let’s just say it was an epic disaster. As I was mixing it and pouring into the pan, I thought, this would be a good “mousse” type dessert. But I second guessed myself and continued on. After all was done in the oven, I realized I forgot to add an ingredient so it came out like dark sludge. Well that was that, I needed to get a few things dialed in and try it another night. I then decided, I should try the breakfast oatmeal I make and tweak it a little and make some muffins. So with paper and pen I began the chicken scratch and pouring into bowls. Once they were placed in the oven, OH the smell was filling up the house! It was like a fall party. The kids were asking what smelled so good and I replied, I hope they taste as good as they smell! Success came from the oven and multiple testers have agreed these are tasty baked rounds. We just couldn’t decide if they were breakfast, a snack or a treat… they are just yummy!!

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Crispy Baked Cauliflower Tacos

Cooler days have been hit and miss lately and I have been taking advantage of them when they occur. Definitely not complaining of the 75 degree weather but these 95 degree days are just a bit much :)  I tried a couple different baked veggie tacos and this one turned out to be the better of the two according to the family (there is still another one to try).  Cauliflower is not a favorite in this house but the kids are getting used to it and sometimes they don’t know I use it. This baked cauliflower turned out better than I was expecting and will definitely be made again. I came across this recipe from Veggie Inspired Journey and Jenn has some tantalizing ways of putting ingredients together. I guarantee you will find a recipe and then some for those taste buds to savor. These tacos were crispy on the outside and just the right tenderness on the inside, no mushy texture. And they are BAKED, No oil!!  BUT, these are not complete without the tarter sauce, that is a must!!

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Tartar Sauce

What What?? Tartar Sauce!  Never was a fan of tartar sauce but this plant based recipe is tangy, creamy, easy and amazingly delish. I would suggest to those of you who eat fish tacos to use this tartar sauce, a much healthier choice. This is the sauce that was used in the Crispy Baked Cauliflower Tacos


Recipe Inspired by: Veggie Inspired Journey – see here for her recipe


1 cup cashews *(soaked before hand for a couple hours or overnight is ideal) – see NOTE below
1/3 cup diced dill pickle (so fortunate to have a local farmer who makes dill pickles)
juice and zest of 1 lime
1 1/2 teaspoon dried dill
dash of sriracha, optional

*NOTE: about the cashew’s: If you forget to soak them like I did, I used a Vitamix and slowly added about 1/3-1/2 cup of water as I blended them until smooth. I continued to add the lime juice, zest and dried dill until smooth. Removed from blender into a bowl and stirred in the diced pickles and placed in the fridge.

The original recipe from Veggie Inspired Journey used vegan mayo. I prefer not to use that ingredient in any meals I make and have had great success with cashews for creamy sauces. You could also use tofu.

I also didn’t get that many pictures when I was making the tartar sauce. I know this will be made again and I will get better shots to share :)