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Broccoli Bites

Oh veggies!  We still have challenges with certain veggies with the kids so coming up with fun ways to make them has been a mission of mine.  The girls really enjoy the Cauliflower Tacos so I figured let’s try something with broccoli. I didn’t think broccoli would taste all that great with crunchy outer texture (but may have to try it one day) so I used only flour.  Our youngest daughter, Ava, is not a fan of spicy food. She is so bothered that she is half Mexican and isn’t able to eat spicy food, maybe she will when she is older… So I made the Broccoli Bites two different ways as I was experimenting with the flours and spices I had in my house.  I did make some that were not spicy and those of us who enjoy spicy, added spicy to ours. What I love about these is they taste amazing on their own or you can get creative with options, sometimes I just mix veggies that we have in the fridge to add more to the meal.  These were a hit with the kids and super easy and leftovers worked great for a veggie lunch bowl the next day.

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Believing In Things You Can’t Measure or Hold

Recently our youngest (turned 11 on Dec.16th) began asking questions and putting pieces together in the truth about Santa and Elf on the Shelf. As difficult as it was to not crush her thoughts of who and what Santa and Elf do, we had to answer her questions. Something we knew would come, but really dreaded what the unknown reaction would be. Jon and I had talked about our responses prior as we felt she would be figuring it out soon.  Our oldest (turns 13 Jan.2) has known since entering 6th grade and she didn’t have much of a reaction other than, I kinda thought so. Major kudos to her for keeping it all under wraps, very proud that she never discussed it with anyone other than me. And she still has not talked about it to anyone. She said she will not say a word unless someone talks to her and she said her response will be “I know, but talk to your parents about it”. Every family’s beliefs and traditions are different, this is the brief version of how we handled the heartbreak of a 10 year old.

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Monday Mantra: Continue

Learning that if we are willing to do something for someone else, they may not reciprocate. Life lessons…


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Fettuccine Alfredo

I can not even remember the last time I had Fettuccine Alfredo… SO many years ago!  Brandi’s meals from The Vegan 8 get major thumbs up in our house and I saw this one this morning and thought it would be a great recipe for our “Wednesday’s Something New”.  Pasta happens once in a while in our house and Alfredo has never happened, until tonight!  This Alfredo is the most light and creamy, rich and flavorful sauce, it is amazing! This is restaurant worthy.  Not only was it super quick and easy to make (and I mean done before the pasta quick), it DOES NOT have any gunk in it, no oil, no dairy, no butter, no cream, no cheese, NADA!

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Mantra for Monday

Little Lessons in life…


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