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Use It Year Round

As in many areas of the world, the sun is out many months of the year. Here in California, the sun comes out to play even when we should be getting rain. We are in the midst of the longer sunny days and being prepared for the heat that is to come is helpful.  Even if you are an active family outside year round, in the pool, on the trails, on bikes and playing more than during the winter, it is extremely important to keep your largest organism protected.  And to keep in mind, anything you put on your skin is absorbed, therefore what you choose to put on your skin is even more important. Either way, sun protection is important for all seasons and all areas we live in to help prevent the sun’s UV rays from soaking into the skin for too long of time. We also want to be sure we get adequate Vitamin D and the sun is how our bodies produce it.  But how do we choose a sunscreen with all the debate over certain ingredients and chemicals in sunscreens that may be more harmful than good?  Bottom line we need to protect ourselves from too much over exposure and learning how to protect ourselves is the first step.

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Specialty Sandwich

The girls do not eat sandwiches often but they came up with their own creation to take to school for lunch. One day they asked Jon and I if we wanted a specialty sandwich for lunch, Jon said “sure”, I was a little hesitant because I like to know what is in my food :)  but I went with the flow and was surprisingly served with a very tasty sandwich.   I was quite impressed they used the resources they had and have now made this their specialty sandwich when they feel like eating one. I just need to make sure we have certain ingredients stocked so they can work their creations in the kitchen.

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Anything Is Possible

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