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Hi there! Thanks for stopping by.  My name is Tami, I am a wife, a mother of 2 girls and a runner enjoying life on the central coast of California. Join the adventure with my family and I as 551364_10203114744208603_1262282223_nwe journey one step at a time into living a plant-based lifestyle free of processed foods and animal by-products.

This is my first post of many to come.  It is rough and with more posts I hope to get the hang of it all, so here goes…

A journey that began around 2011 after my husband went through some personal growth, more of a realization he was not healthy, and through a great deal of research he decided to eliminate animal by-products and processed food from his lifestyle (me jumping with joy!).  This has turned into a passion to share and inspire.  It was hard for me to believe he could go from a meat eater to a whole food plant-based lifestyle.  This drastic change took effective immediately and has had such a positive impact on his overall health, well being and our family. To see the transformation of how a persons energy increases, inner well-being is more balanced and desire to not be unhealthy was quite impressive, not to mention he lost 40 POUNDS!   I was not much of a meat eater to begin with, maybe it had something to do with growing up with a father who was a butcher.  I would have chicken or halibut once in a great while so eliminating those from my lifestyle was quite easy.  It was the rest of the family that was going to need to adjust.  We have two daughters who have grasped this concept, yet are a work in progress.

Once the continued research began and the understanding that our bodies do not need animal by-products to survive, the fridge and pantry received a makeover and our outlook on our life started to change in other areas as well.  I never gave my kids soda, chips, packaged candy, capri sun type drinks, or much of any processed food to begin with but that doesn’t me they never had it. Overall the biggest goal was to eat cleaner, find a healthy balance of internal wellness and eliminate processed food. However, convenience did effect the nutritional balance of our meals. I worked full-time as an apparel buyer (fashion and sports) for over 25 years and have been a full-time working mother outside of the home for 11 years.  Both of my amazing daughters have never had me (or my husband) home since they were born.  They are now in 6th and 4th grade.  I have recently had the luxury to stay home.  It could not have come at a worse time, yet at the best time.  Losing an income has its challenges no doubt, but there is no price I can put on being home with my girls.  My outlook has changed, I am more at peace with my inner self, not stressing over little things,  and living in the moment. I have found joy in something I never had… cooking!

We do not label ourselves vegan. I can’t control 100% of what we eat and we are not going to stress about it, but in our home I do my best. We do not and are not on a specific “diet”. In fact the word “diet” is just awful, there is no such thing as the ideal diet. How we all live is a lifestyle. We are simply a family choosing to not eat animal by-products and choosing to eat plant-based foods as much as we can. Our kids will seldom eat something that is far from plant-based and occasionally we may consume something from eating out that has dairy or refined sugar as an ingredient but we don’t freak out about it, we do our best to avoid it.  My husband and I eat more raw than our children do, but it is definitely a large part of our lifestyle.  The occasional frozen yogurt, cookie or cupcake will be eaten outside the home, but in our home we make the treats ourselves. And let me tell you, I have the sweet tooth of the family, so we have our fair share of homemade treats. When it comes to visiting friends houses and parties, we do not expect anyone to change or cater to our food choices and leave it up to the girls to make the choice. We are doing our best to educate them to make smart choices to benefit their well being. Since we do not keep animal-based or processed foods in our home they are not a regular indulgence.  We are a very physically active family and exercise is a large  component in our lifestyle, I am a runner, my husband cycles and finds other sports to partake in, our children are in multiple sports, we are on the go quite a bit. We take many backpacking and camping adventures and we do our best to provide a healthy environment for ourselves.

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My overall goal is to take our knowledge through our experiences and help, support and inform those who want to learn more or make a lifestyle change.  I will share recipes, daily antics of my family and any information I feel valuable in our journey.  I am not here to cure any ailments or diseases, judge anyone or say I have all the right answers, but so much of what we put in our bodies effects our well being. It is also not all about the food, inner balance is just as important. Educating yourself is the key to finding the perfect state of balance and health, naturally.

The best lifestyle is the one that makes you feel the healthiest and happiest.  Do what works for you. The recipes here are all recipes that our family has consumed and are not solely created by me. Some have been tweaked and credit is given to those who have inspired me. There are many of these recipes that can be used with chicken, meat, fish, etc. The goal is to incorporate more plant-based foods into ones lifestyle to achieve healthy benefits. When we feel good on the inside, we reflect that on the outside.  Inner well being is just as important as a healthy body.

It’s all about creating healthy habits, rather than restrictions.



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