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Support and Encourage


It doesn’t matter if you are playing sports, are a kid or parent, have a job, are a stay at home parent, or are at the grocery store.  Kindness is key to survival and supporting each other is one of the best things we can do to leave this world in tact for our children.

I can think of many situations over the years to share, but there is a reason why they are in the past and have given me something to learn from.

We are not perfect, we may not believe in the act or logic of others and find it difficult to support their choices, however there is no need to ignore or be disrespectful to them.  Obviously if they are murderers, pedophiles, etc., you will not find many supporting those actions… I think you get my point.

What I am talking about is life. As my children are growing and are now teenagers and our lives are ever evolving, I am so much more in tune with the behaviors of others and teaching our children how to react to those behaviors.  As most of what they have learned is that the behaviors of others are usually issues within that person.

Recently I had observed two different scenarios that involved each of my children.  My youngest is in 7th grade, my oldest is a freshman and they both play for their school volleyball teams.  They have many friends on their teams that they have been friends with since elementary school, as well as played sports with.  As parents, we know most of these families.

I was attending my 7th graders game.  All of the players played a great game.  They were high-fiving and cheering each other on.  It was great to see them support each other, even when mistakes were made.  As an adult, you would expect to see most parents cheering on all of the players. Well, there was one parent who only cheered for her own child. As I observed from behind, it was an act that really disappointed me, yet realizing that maybe not many people probably noticed.  Especially the kids. However, this flood of emotion came over me and I realized I was letting the actions of this person destroy my inner peace.

Long story short, I did let it effect my joy in supporting all those kids.  It was noticed by other parents.  I let it get to me, because my child is friends with this parent’s child.  Which made me even more sad that an adult would behave in such a way.  In the big scheme of things, it really isn’t that detrimental.  It is merely an example of who not to be.

On to the freshman.  She has performed very strongly in volleyball and was asked to train and play with the JV team. She was very concerned about her teammates feelings and wasn’t sure if she wanted to accept the request.  Her kind heart was making this a difficult decision but also teaching her to take experiences and learn from them.  As we both have learned, when asked in high school sports, you just DO and figure it out along the way.

I was so proud of her teammates and parents in the support and encouragement she received.  There will always be feelings of jealousy or insecurity throughout their lives but to see how that was pushed aside and shown how to lift each other up with encouragement was pretty impressive. Due to her coming up to the JV team, the players brought their game up and the coaches felt she would have more play time and be of better value staying with the freshman team. A decision that she was happy about.
No one is perfect. There’s always going to be somebody better than you at something. Why not learn, absorb and celebrate our differences and encourage each other. #getoveryourself

Exercise the Mind

feed our soul


We know real wholesome food, as in fruits, vegetables, legumes, seeds, nuts and grains :) and exercise are an important part of our survival.  We also know what the damages processed foods and lack of exercise can do to our bodies, but I feel that we often neglect exercising our minds. Mindfulness plays a key role in our survival as well. I am a huge advocate of plant based consumption,  but I also feel that if you find something that works for you, then stick to it.

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I came across this quote on Pinterest the other day and when I saw it, it reminded me of many things, but mostly that we really need to remember that all it takes is a smile, saying excuse when needing to reach for something in front of someone else, saying please and thank you, giving a compliment big or small, promote compassion, letting someone move over into your lane, volunteer, a hug and even self-care. The list could go on and on but we all know how to be kind, why isn’t there more of it? Why do some people have a hard time showing it? It isn’t difficult, it is quite simple and easy. Share your daily kindness with us. For everyone has a story…

It doesn’t take much time or energy to be kind; share it, spread it, set the example, BE IT!

Your body, heart and soul will thank you.



Getting Comfortable Being Uncomfortable


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Anything Is Possible

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Equal & Fair

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Life lessons….


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Monday Mantra: Fresh Starts

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HiYa! There has been a bump in my road that I have gone very slooooow over and postings have been quite sporadic.  The funk is over and its time to get back at it and spread the love!

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Monday Mantra: Choice, Chance, Change

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I shared this quote on my IG account the other day.  When I saw this quote, my mind was going quite a few different directions because this means so many different things to each one of us, in way of what is happening in our lives.  But, it also means the same for us in its literal sense.  If we do not take that step, we will not go anywhere. Some of us are content where we currently are and some of us have visions or goals of something different than where we currently are. Those things can be anything from a job, relationship, health, happiness, financial, children, cleaning your house, a project at home ,sports and so many more.  The goal is to move forward because if we don’t do anything, nothing will  change.

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