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Easy Chickpea Salad

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I have been squeezing lemons and limes on my salads lately for a quick and easy dressing on these warm summer days.  Lemons and limes not only bring out flavor, they provide some benefits to the body.  They are and excellent source of Vitamin C, potassium, fiber, are an antioxidant, and help aid in digestion.  All the more reason to squeeze freshness into your food.

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Chickpea Scramble by Plant Based Jane

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In case you haven’t noticed, I LURVE chickpeas!  They are such a nutritionally versatile legume.

Chickpeas are anti-inflammatory and contain an abundance of non-heme iron—the safest form of iron. They are packed with nutrients, antioxidants, phytochemicals, and phytates. Chickpeas contain five times more the antioxidant content when sprouted.

Eat your legumes!

Jane of Plant Based Jane featured a Chickpea Scramble recipe that I knew I had to give a try.  I am very grateful to have connected with this inspiring bright sassy soul.  Jane is a delightful ray of sunshine. Her love of life and passion shine through every post.

There are many tofu scramble recipes to choose from.  However, in this house tofu is not well received because our bodies not only don’t agree with it, it’s to similar to the texture of eggs and it makes me gag. Therefore, replacing the tofu with chickpeas was brilliant!

Jane’s recipe features mushrooms and tomatoes.  Those are two ingredients that only two out of the four of us will eat.  Yeah, I know it sounds crazy that some of us do not like mushrooms and tomatoes.  Rather than making two different meals, those ingredients were left on the side.  Not only is the flavor just right, this recipe can be customized to your liking.

I made our scramble with diced zucchini, spinach, black beans and roasted potatoes.  Sprinkle nutritional yeast to add some zing! The additional ingredients vary depending on what is in the refrigerator.  This meal has been breakfast and dinner.  As a result of this recipe topping the charts in this house, the kids will take a tortilla and make a burrito for their school lunches!

Click on the link below and go visit Jane.  Not only does Jane offer some incredibly delicious meals to eat, you will be entertained by her wittiness.

Ingredients:  You can add all or just what you like :)

Chickpeas drained and rinsed
Black beans drained and rinsed
Sliced mushrooms
Roasted potatoes
Sliced tomatoes
Diced zucchini
Chili powder
Onion powder
Nutritional yeast
Salt & pepper to taste

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Nutrition source: Nutrition Facts

Chickpea Tacos

Chickpeas are so versatile, they are loaded with of fiber, carbs, calcium, iron, protein and vitamin A, so I suggest you use them :)  They can be roasted, cooked on stove top, used in salads, soups and stews, mashed for ‘tuna’ or hummus, baked in treats and many other easy meals.  These tacos are simple and quick. They have more flavor than I expected as I added what I usually add when making a ‘taco’ type dish and with the avocado cream sauce, it just comes together nicely.  I didn’t add extra toppings to these as I didn’t feel the need to, but you add what you like on your taco :) You could add your favorite taco seasoning if you prefer.  Share your chickpea favorites!

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Chickpea Chimichangas

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This dish was a winner at our table last week and it was so well liked, we are having it again this week.  It is exciting when we have a recipe that works for everyone and it is requested each week, but I also want to be sure we don’t get burned out from it and then never want it again :)  It has worked out well to take the home run recipes from our ‘Wednesday’s Something New’ and put those into the mix for the weeks.  These little numbers pack a powerful punch of nutrition and flavor in a meal.  The typical chimichanga is loaded with meat, cheese and rice, then fried in oils and then buried in cheese. Now if you like that kinda thing, go for it!  Our choice is a cleaner version that is baked in the oven :)  These flavorful, nutrition packed chickpea chimichangas are delish, and I suggest serving them to any of your meat eating friends, I would be surprised if they didn’t like them.

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Hummus Variations

Not sure about you, but I have some kids in this house who like hummus. Back before I really started to learn about what was in our food, I would buy hummus without a care as I thought, heck its healthy. Well as time moved on and I began to pay more attention to labels, I learned a great deal about food ingredients and that the hummus I was feeding my family was NOT healthy. I think we tend to think foods made with veggies and eaten with veggies is healthy so we don’t bother to look at the entire picture. Yes, the fresh veggies and the hummus are by far a better choice than a bag a Hot Cheetos or Cheez It’s but what most store bought hummus’ have are lots of processed oils and preservatives. As with any packaged food, those ingredients are hard to avoid. That is why making hummus at home is ideal, I know what I am putting in it and it tastes fresh.

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Chick’nLESS Nuggets

There are many days that I spend time cruising on the internet learning about and researching plant based foods, recipes and ideas and sometimes I come across some recipes that I jot tidbits from but not the entire recipe. This is one of them, I just took the concept and then played around with it in the kitchen.  I usually am not wanting to spend much time testing ingredients, because if it doesn’t work, that is money lost.  Sounds silly but living on one income for a family of four has it’s challenges and by all means it is a choice we made so therefore I try to be very careful what ingredients I use for testing.

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ChickP’s for Snack’N

As I have mentioned before, chickpeas (aka garbanzo beans) don’t get enough love. They are a great source of fiber, carbs, calcium, iron, protein and vitamin A, which make for a great snack or some fuel for a workout.  It seems you can roast nuts, veggies and other foods so why not chickpeas.  It took me a bit to figure out flavorings, eating them raw to taste test wasn’t too bad but definitely took some time.  Well, I came up with a couple variations of these little guys and they passed all the taste testers! You may want to double the recipe, as they don’t make much and they don’t last long.  I am sure you could search and find a variety of ways to bake these, but this is what I came up with and will keep trying out new ones as these were a thumbs up with the family.

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Say What? Brownies

As you may have figured, I like to make treats for people and… maybe for me too ;) So I like to research ingredients that can be substituted for others to change things up with out sacrificing nutrition or flavor. I had used chickpeas in a “hummus dessert dip” last holiday season and thought, well shoot why not try making a baked treat with chickpeas! I have a couple brownie and cookie recipes that do not include flour, and I decided to give it a try substituting with the chickpeas. Chickpeas are a little underrated, they are a great source of fiber, carbs, calcium, iron, protein and vitamin A.  Between the hummus making and these brownies, they are kinda my new best friend right now. The kids asked what was in the brownies and when I said “chickpeas” they replied “say what?” , hence the name of the recipe :)
*side note, even though they tasted the same, kids favored the square shape over the muffin shape.

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