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Creamy Fudgesicles

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Warm weather and summer is on its way anything cold to shove in our mouths is a good thang.

If you looking to change things up from the fruit filled popsicles, these fudgesicles are a great option.  These are super easy to make, with minimal ingredients and took about 10 minutes to make if you have all the ingredients handy.  Freezing time took longer than I expected so I advise making them early in the day for that evening or the night before. They were worth the wait, creamy rich chocolatey coolness.

fudge in container

Made 6 with our Zoku


1 can organic coconut milk, 13 oz
1/3 generous cup cocoa, unsweetened ( I used half cocoa and cacao)
2 tablespoons maple syrup
1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract

ready to take out


Using a blender, place all ingredients and blend at high speed for about 1 minute.  Blend until blended and smooth

Taste test, adjust if needed

Pour your mixture into the desired molds and freeze for 4-5 hours before serving,  Overnight was the better result.

Follow mold instructions, typically run under warm water to remove fudgesicle from molds.


fudge get in my belly

Sriracha Fudge

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Oh my, this is the quickest, easiest and tastiest treat to make. The hardest part is waiting for it to be ready to slice into! I had not made a treat in a while, and was wanting something chocolaty and cold since we have had this unusual nasty muggy feel like you want to shower when you walk outside weather. I had remembered seeing Veggies Don’t Bite post this recipe a couple days ago and was so happy to see the little ingredients it required. I didn’t have the exact ingredients so I used what I had and it turned out great. Best part is there is no oil, dairy free, soy free and gluten free. Love that you can spice it up how you like it!

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