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Fluffy Mashed Potatoes (from The Vegan8)

Oh MY! These mashers are not just for the Holidays! But the holidays are upon us, so add this to your menu!

There was never much mash potato making in our kitchen, until I tried these. We are not a family who eats a ‘traditional’ Thanksgiving meal but there is a  love for mashed potatoes. Since these were so simple and flavorful, I have decided that this is definitely a recipe to be made whenever mashed potatoes are requested!

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This is a re-post because I love these delightful little balls of decadence. They are the easiest and most enjoyed treats I make for get togethers, school/sports parties and just because, so give them a whirl and try to eat just one :)

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Potato Tacos

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Our family continues to enjoy the “Wednesday’s Something New” and sometimes I will admit, I just am not feeling it but it has been such a great experience for all of us.  I explore the options, the kids get introduced to different meals and thankfully the hubs isn’t too picky and enjoys what he eats :)  Somehow we managed to have an abundance of potatoes and I had been looking in our Forks Over Knives cookbook and found a recipe for Spinach Potato Tacos. Always a fan of tacos!  My initial thought was that these may be too heavy in taste and in the belly, but looking over the ingredients it was not going to be a heavy meal, fulfilling maybe.  If you are not used to mild flavoring, you may want to kick it up with some hot sauce or diced poblano pepper toppings :)

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Fluffy Almond Butter Brownies

There is always a time for treats :)  The consistency of these brownies are a little bit like a fluffy cake, yet moist and I am not much of a cake eater, but these are light and yummy!  I made some a couple weeks ago for taste testing with the after school gang and they gave a thumbs up. I then made them again and took them with us on our travels to Southern California for back to back soccer filled weekends.  My aunt and uncle live near the sports complex the girls were playing at so they hosted us for both weekends we were there.  I don’t see them very often and it worked out great to spend time with them (there will be a short post about our trips)  The kids brought the brownies out and they were devoured! Minimal ingredients with no processed/refined sugar, no corn syrup, no corn starch, no eggs or dairy, make this quick done in 45 minutes treat something you will want to make.

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Brussels Sprouts, on the Sweeter Side

Brussels Sprouts, loved to hate these things at dinner when I was a kid, how is it that now I am an adult I have no problem eating them.  With the nutritional benefits that Brussels sprouts provide, we should be adding these to our meals more often. When we do have them with a meal, we typically consume these green orbs of awesomeness as a more herby savory dish.  I remember my mom making a salad with brussels sprouts one time and using dried cranberries which made them taste a bit sweet.  I don’t usually have dried cranberries, but I have dates!  Roasted Brussels are my top favorite but these I wanted to cook on the stove. Since these are a bit of a pain in the rear to prep, I would be sure to allow yourself an extra 5-10 minutes to prep the Brussels Sprouts.   It didn’t take long to make this dish as there was not many ingredients.  I took a sampling to a friend and she like them, a tad on the sweeter side (which I agreed) so I will tone it down with the dates next go around. Well, the remaining container was consumed by the hubs so there was nothing left for the kids to taste test, guess I will be making another batch tonight.  I don’t post recipes unless they have been kid approved, but this is a delicious dish as a lunch or a side.  Also, I tested it right when it was off the stove and it was tasty. I also tested a bite after it had chilled in the refrigerator before the hubs devoured the rest and it was just as tasty.

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Follow up to Overnight Oats

Earlier in the week my husband and I tried overnight oats for breakfast and to my surprise, they were quite delish and satisfying. It was the kids turn to try them next. I made the recipe I posted earlier and another one with berries (see below). And here is the result of their taste testing

Easy Raw Brownies

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A few days a week I pick up my friends kiddos after school and one of them comes home with us regularly and every so often a couple more will join us so they don’t have to be home by themselves until their parents get off work. Anyway, I like to test out treats or

Peanut Butter Banana Chip Granola Bars

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In search of a new snack to add to the mix of school lunches, sports activity and any day, I found a super easy minimal ingredient granola bar that I had to try on one of my favorite sites for recipes, Running on Veggies.  I came across Running on Veggies back in January and so