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Breakfast Muffins

These are a great back to school snack or sports snack.  Stock your freezer!

One of the first “treat” recipes I came across that the kids asked me to make after the first test was called Muffin Tops from Oh She Glows May have had something to with them liking to say the name ;)

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Lunch Box Granola Bars

Obviously these are not just for lunch boxes, but the kids had requested they would like a granola bar for their lunches. Who am I do deny them that ??? ;)  And who doesn’t like a good granola bar?!  I know there are so many options out there in the stores that if you really look at what is inside that box, you may want to refrain from taking them off the shelf.  I have spent some time researching various ingredient blending and have done some fun testing with the kids and came up with something that not only my family, but our friends and their families devoured the sample batch I made.  These have a slight crispy crunch to them yet a soft chewy bite and a sweet flavor without the corn syrup, sugar, salt, soybean oil, oil, protein not from the natural source, artificial colors and flavors and all the other stuff you find in granola bars. This is a great snack or treat and can be made gluten free and nut free. It is quick, easy and delicious! Oh, and they do not need an oven, just your refrigerator.

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Zucchini Muffins

Back to school, means snacks, lunches, homework, snacks and sports on a daily basis for this family. We have a 7th grader who is on the school volleyball team and plays recreational soccer. Her practices for volleyball are 5 days a week and soccer is twice a week. Our 5th grader is doing school volleyball and recreational soccer as well. For her volleyball practice and soccer is twice a week on the same days. The kids do not have the same sports schedule, therefore even more of a need to have the fridge stocked with some goodness. The fruit and veggies are always abundant in the fridge, but those are sometimes not as exciting as bars or muffins. We do not buy packaged snacks to keep on hand so a lot of taste testing goes on to find what makes the cut to stay. I had made zucchini bread a few months back and wanted to refine it a bit more, so I decided to make it into muffins. I stayed up late one evening and made a batch of these muffins and some Kinda Like Muffins to get a start for the week.

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