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Tacos with Sweet Potato Wedges

Our family tends to eat our fair share of beans and legumes, rice, millet or quinoa and veggies all mixed together in some form.  I love that they offer versatility, are filling yet satisfying and full of yummy goodness our active bodies thrive on. These ingredients haven’t failed me and adding different mixes of spices to them gives them a variety in taste.  Sometimes potatoes are added as well. Whether we packed them in a tortilla, fill a taco or toss in a bowl, some of our favorite meals are created with these staples.

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Nature’s Candy Apples

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Alrighty, by now you have figured out that I like treats and I do my best to avoid using granulated industrial sugars of any kind.  I do use pure maple syrup and honey in some recipes and I am doing my best to reduce and eliminate those ingredients.  It is still sugar no matter how you perceive it, but a better alternative to industrial sugars. Dates are what I focus on using for added sugar.  These bites of heaven do more than satisfy a sweet tooth (and one does the trick!) they are packed with fiber, potassium, carbohydrates and magnesium that the body can digest easily.  They are great for sports, biking or running for a long duration.

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Typical Breakfast

When I worked full time as an apparel buyer I was up at 5 AM to the gym and out the door to work by 7:30. That typically meant I was eating my breakfast at my desk when I arrived at work.

I kept a bag of rolled oats, slivered almonds, dried cranberries, local honey and cinnamon in my desk for most of those mornings that I did not eat before I left the house. Occasionally I would manage to eat toast with almond butter on the way into work, as it was a 35 minute drive.

Those are days of the past, but my mornings are still very similar when it comes to the early rise to the gym, especially during the winter when it is a bit more wet in the mornings. Except now, I usually eat with my kids before they head off to school and I don’t keep food in a desk anymore :) The variations have changed and are not as plain as I used to eat it, but I still enjoy those basic ingredients from time to time.

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Apple Walnut Salad

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Sometimes simple dishes can be a tad bland, but I have learned, they can also pack a flavorful punch and this salad does just that. The fresh, crisp ingredients tantalize the taste buds all while leaving bellies satisfied :)  Lemons and  apple cider vinegar add so much flavor to a salad and I have played around trying to get a solid balance between the two.  This salad was a huge hit the other night and thank goodness I made extra so we had it for lunch the next day.  I haven’t played with other ingredients other than what is listed below, but if you wanted to add more toppings go for it.  We prefer it as is.

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Hawaiian Salsa

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Ava is in 5th grade and as part of their curriculum they do a report on a state they select.  Along with the report, they get to make a dish or bring food from their state.  During open house all the 5th graders set out their food and all the kids, parents, teachers, families come by and get to sample their offerings.  It is a fun evening to attend and the kids enjoy talking about their food choices with those who ask.  Ava’s state she chose was Hawaii.  She couldn’t decide on fruit kabobs, using all the grown fruit from Hawaii or pineapple.  With some brain storming, she decided on a pineapple salsa, which she called Hawaiian Salsa.  We took the Apple Salsa concept and changed it up. I guess all the dicing and sticky counters was worth it in the end, it turned out so fresh and delicious, not to mention the rainbow of colors.  Just in time for the warm evenings outside!

ava hawaii report


Makes about 2 cups (I always double the recipe, sometimes more :)



1 cup diced pineapple
1 cup diced Roma tomatoes
1 cup diced sweet peppers, I used yellow and orange
1/3 cup diced red onion
1/3-1/4 cup chopped cilantro (I found it to be fairly powerful so use desired amount)
2 limes freshly juiced
1 jalapeno seeded and diced. If you prefer more of a kick, add more jalapeno or don’t remove seeds
salt and pepper to taste


ready to mix pineapple salsa


Dice all ingredients needed and place all ingredients into a bowl.  Mix well and ready to serve.  Best when chilled for a couple hours or overnight, the flavors develop nicely.

pineapple salsa

Quick Sauces for Veggie Noodles

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Yes, noodles made from veggies are something everyone should try but you will need a spiralzier and believe me, you’ll be happy you added it to your collection of kitchen gizmos.  I use mine a lot… a lot!  Once you use it, you want to spiralize everything!  The kids have fun with the creations and I have fun creating and finding some different flavors to try with them.  Here are a couple that are quick, easy and have minimal ingredients. You can either cook your zoodles for about 3-5 minutes depending on how al dente you prefer or you can leave them raw.  The potato variety noodles are better cooked :)

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Chili Taco Crema

Taco Tuesday has become a norm for each week, just like “Wednesday’s Something New”. Homemade salsa is always nice to have, but sometimes tacos just need a bit more. I love trying new sauces that are versatile for tacos, veggie bowls, wraps and nachos. I am addicted to the Mexican Tahini Sauce and my family was ready to try something new. Sophia over at Veggies Don’t Bite had shared this recipe and it popped up in my email at the most convenient time. I had ran out of time to play around with ingredients in the kitchen and thankfully I had all of the ingredients needed to make this recipe. It is creamy, yet light and mild flavoring but enough to add the final touch on a taco. And no oil or dairy, added plus!

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Mikes Mango Madness

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Warm summer weather has hit us already and with the time change, the evenings are UH-mazing!! We spent the end of the day with some wonderful friends over the weekend at  BarrelHouse Brewing (a local brewery) enjoying the relaxing kid friendly venue. All three of us couples have girls, so you can imagine how entertaining 6