The Vegan 8’s Life Changing Pancakes

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Whoa Nellie!!  Back it up, whip these pancakes up, and let’s just sit and mow these bad boys down!

Somehow it has become a life goal to figure out how to make a variety of pancakes, because the kids LOVE them.  But, sometimes I just don’t always feel like trying to create something edible, so I search for something that has already been created.  I recently shared a super easy blender pancake recipe that we make often. If you like bananas then it is a great one to make.  However, not everyone is a banana lover (we think they’re kinda weird – just kidding)

WHA-LA!  Brandi at The Vegan 8 has a pancake recipe that is Life Changing!  Hence, the recipe is called Life Changing Pancakes.  She has been a huge contributor to our meals and she has some incredibly delicious recipes she shares. So get to her site and plan away! – after you read about her recipe!

What I love about these pancakes is that she uses sweet potato and sweet potatoes are full of nutrients our bodies need. They are loaded with Vitamin A, Potassium, Fiber and provides carbohydrates that your body can digest and use.  Sweet potatoes also provide protein for those who are hung up on the protein trend, as well as healthy sugars because it is a whole food.  So in general, sweet potatoes are pretty awesome. There is more about these pancakes that are flippin fantastic!  They are oil free, no added sugars and there are only 8 ingredients!!

Now before you start gathering all your ingredients to make these, be sure to read through the directions.  You need to be sure you measure and follow Brandi’s recipe or you’ll end up with a not so fluffy pancake. I did not have a cookie cutter to use, and they turned out just as fluffy and quite round.

The kids enjoy these with peanut butter and syrup.  I tried them with toppings, but seriously prefer them plain. These will be an ideal snack for school, work, on the go sports and other physical activities.

Here is the recipe: Life Changing Pancakes



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